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Tim is passionate about helping people with their real estate needs.  As active members in their local community and church, Tim and Renee know people should come before profits and good things happen to those who help others.  We approach every transaction with HONESTY, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, and TRANSPARENCY. 

After all “to move forward, you have to give back.” (-Oprah Winfrey) 

This core philosophy of our business costs you nothing but can make all the difference in the lives of those we help.

Thank you,

Tim Kosen


“All you have to do is decide when you want to move out. They take care of everything!”


Tim & Sara buy houses, Testimonial

“I really enjoyed working with Tim and his wife Sara…. They’be been great to deal with all along the way”


Sell My House Fast Dallas Fort Worth DFW

Some of the properties that we’ve bought over the years!

Tim & Sara buy houses, Testimonial

“you guys made it really easy. You were willing to work with us. We didn’t feel any pressure”

-Aimee & Douglass

Tim and Sara Buy Houses: Testimonial of our new purchase!

Every time we text or call you were right there with the answers!

That really kept the anxiety down!


For the past several  months, I worked with Aaron Silk (Acquisitions Manager) and basically, he is great.  Because I am located in CA and the house that I needed to sell was in TX, the long distance was never really an issue in working with Aaron in acquisitions.

Because of his helpfulness, I found it easy to approach and rely on him for any clarification and in many cases


“Thank you, Tim and Sara
for being so patient while answering my questions about selling a house. You guys were very insightful and helped me understand my options when selling a home”


We had not seen the house for 20 years but Tim was willing to go to the house and take pictures for me.  Even after the squatters kicked him out, he was able to give a clear picture on the condition of the house.  My 95 year old mother finally decided she was ready to sell the house.  As mentioned, we had many obstacles with the selling of the house,

including getting the squatters out of the house, taking care of liens against the house, and finalizing terms of the transaction. In short, Aaron was able to buy the house as-is and worked diligently with the title and escrow company so that I could receive my money within 12 hours.”

-D Chan

“Tim and Renee have great real local knowledge and are very friendly! The ONLY place I go for professional Real Estate and Property Management!” (for our Real Estate listing Services)


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